29th Annual Hills Garlic FestivalSunday, September 8, 2024 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

29th Annual Hills Garlic Festival

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Vendor applications are now closed for this year. Vendor Application forms for the next Hills Garlic Festival will be available on this page in February.

Please provide us with your contact details. Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Booth Space Request (refer to map; the Festival reserves the right to assign final booth locations).
Each booth space is 10'x10'. Vendors are responsible for providing canopies, tables, etc.

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Electrical power at the Festival site is limited. Food vendors are encouraged to use alternative sources of energy such as propane, solar, or battery packs. In order to maintain the atmosphere we enjoy at the Festival, we restrict the use of generators (prior approval must be granted). If you are requesting electrical power, please indicate the appliances you will be using and their electrical rating (in watts). Electrical power hookups will not be provided without this information.

The Festival reserves the right to limit power consumption and/or locate vendors in appropriate booth spaces to minimize conflicts in electrical power usage.
A 15 amp electrical power connection provides the ability to plug in 2 appropriately rated appliances. Using power bars and other devices to enable connection of multiple appliances to a single connection is prohibited.
Please ensure that extension cords have a rating equal to or greater than the rating for your equipment.

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