29th Annual Hills Garlic FestivalSunday, September 8, 2024 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

29th Annual Hills Garlic Festival

Food & Drink

Do you have a hankering for Asian cuisine? Do you long for smokey barbecue flavors? Or do you want something from south of the border...way south...like Mexico? Are you a burger and fries kind of guy? Just want coffee and a muffin? Or a smoothie? Or a doughnut? Or popcorn and lemonade? How about your sweet tooth? There's ice cream, chocolates, and homemade baked goods. Only eat organic? Or vegetarian? Or vegan? Our food vendors can satisfy everyone's inner foodie. Food vendors are dispersed throughout the grounds, so whenever your hunger hits, there's sure to be something close by.

Food and beverages are served using recyclable or compostable plates, bowls, cutlery, and cups. Please dispose of your waste at one of our depots located throughout the grounds (look for the green flags). Learn more about our zero waste initiative here.

Interested in becoming a food vendor? We accept applications to be put on the waiting list February-August. Learn more here.

  There is no cash machine at the Garlic Festival and most vendors cannot accept credit cards.

View Food Vendors (choose Food from the drop down menu)

Maps indicating the location of food vendors are posted inside each entry gate. Or stop by the Hills Recreation Society booth to the left of the main stage and ask one of the volunteers to help you find what you are craving.